Quay 1 and the Palm Grove of Surprises in Málaga

Muelle Uno is located in the port of Málaga in the heart of the city, at a short walk from the famous Calle Larios and the historic center featuring the Gibralfaro and the Alcazaba Castles in the background, reminding people of the history of the city.

Quay 1 and the Palm Grove of Surprises Málaga

Málaga City has been working for over ten years to remodel the port and open it further to the sea. In 2011, they completed the construction of the port area and the surroundings to create a unique social and commercial space. Then, with the opening of Quay 1 and the Palm Grove of Surprises, changed the lives of all the Malagueños forever.

Since its opening, more than 700,000 cruise passengers have arrived in Málaga, which has made this port one of the most important ones in Spain.


Beautifull panoramic view over Quay 1 and the Palm Grove of Surprises in Málaga


Quay 1 and the Palm Grove of Surprises Málaga


Muelle Uno is a commercial and recreational space with a big shopping center situated in a privileged location on the Mediterranean. It is a place to walk, with a large network of stores as well as a wide range of cuisine. Its more than 15,000m2 harbor countless trademarks as Diesel, G-Star, Camper or Levis. If what you want is to stop and eat, the offers extend from the haute cuisine of the chef José Carlos García (one Michelin star and two Repsol Suns) to eating pizzas at the Mamma Mia. You will find restaurants to suit all tastes and budgets.




Pompidou Centre Quay 1 and the Palm Grove of Surprises

Pier One was the site chosen to build the so-called “The Cube”. it is a glass building 16 meters which houses the centre Pompidou. A cozy place to explore the art of the twentieth century and XXI surprising every step. This provides a permanent path of dozens of works from the stunning collection of the Centre Pompidou in Paris offering the public to experience through their collections, the excellence of its programming, the crossing of artistic disciplines and innovative mediation programs


Pompidou centre in Malaga port Quay 1 and the Palm Grove of Surprises


Next to the Muelle Uno is located El Palmeral de las Sorpresas. A large walk dotted with more than 400 palm trees, gardens, fountains and children’s areas. A meeting place for the Malagueños with a wide range of leisure areas where you can do such fun things like biking or renting Segways or tandems And of course, there are lots of good restaurants too.

This new area contributes to the modernization of Malaga city, and makes all Malagueños feel proud of their city. There is no better place to enjoy a moment of relaxation and tranquility to a morning stroll through the Quay 1 and the Palm Grove of Surprises.


Quay 1 and the Palm Grove of Surprises in Malaga



How to get to Quay 1 and the Palm Grove of Surprises and what to do there?

The entrance to Muelle Uno is at the start of the Paseo de los Curas (Malagueta).

There are different entrances to access Muelle Dos: through Muelle Uno, through the Paseo de los Curas through the ramp, or through the Plaza de la Marina.


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