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Santa Maria del Mar beach

Santa Maria del Mar, the smallest but beautiful beach in Cadiz



Playa Santa Maria del Mar, at one end borders with the Playa de la Victoria, and with the limits of the Old Town in Puerta Tierra at the other end. You will fall in love with the happy and extroverted characters of the gaditanos flooding every corner of this beautiful beach.




It is a special and charming beach, small in size, and located at the foot of the walls has as a unique backdrop, the old town and Torres de la Catedral. In the part of the boardwalk that surrounds it, there is a large semicircular gazebo, from where you can see a beautiful view towards the old part of the city.

Playa Santa Maria del Mar is a fine sand tongue of 370 m which is accessed through ramps and stairs. It is a quiet, family-friendly beach, which has characteristics that protect it with embankments that extend to the superior ride and shields it from the uncomfortable wind of the Levante.





Information Santa María del Mar beach

Type of beach
Lenght: 650m
Width: 50 m
Type of sand: fine sand
Type of beach: Familly beach
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