S’Illot beach, Alcudia

Between Formentor and Bahía de Pollensa we find this small peblle beach with crystalline waters that has remained intact and retreat from busy tourist beaches.

Cristaline andTurquois waters in S'illot beach



Playa S’llot is a beautiful wild beach north of the island of Mallorca. It has a typical crescent shape and is comprised of thick sand and boulders, located in the vicinity of La Victoria, in the Cabo Pinar, a few kilometers from Alcudia. There are no sunbeds, parasols or lifeguards at S’illot beach and that’s what makes it great, it has a very un-touristy feel.


Turquois and cristaline water in S'Illot beach


The main attraction of Playa S’Illot is that it remains virtually untouched, with no buildings or facilities along its coast; and also, from its coast can be seen a beautiful islet that gives its name to the beach and protects it from the winds of the Tramontana. Especially recommended for those seeking tranquility and lovers of remote and wild beaches, away from the big crowded ones. This area has a rocky seabed and abundant seagrass meadows. This causes that its waters be especially crystalline, making it a perfect beach for scuba diving or snorkeling as well for canoeing.

The beach consists of round stones and rocks, so it is advisable to wear sandals or beach shoes suitable for not suffering too much when entering the water, as may appear sea urchins.
Near the beach, there is an area of picnic tables, so if you go well prepared, you can spend a fantastic day at the beach there.


Turquois waters and small island in S'Illot



S'illot bar signal Getting to S’Illot beach

If you go from Alcudia, take the Camí del Mal Pas road for about 2 kilometers until reaching Puerto Deportivo del Cocodrilo or Marina de Bonaire. Once there, turn right and continue for about 2 km more to the Camí Vell de la Victoria until getting to the parking area that we find on both sides of the road.



Information about S’Illot beach:

Type of beach
Lenght: 130m
Type of Sand:Pebbles and sand
Acces:Easy acces
More information
Situación. 5 km from Alcudia