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Strait of Gibraltar viewpoint

Just 6 km from the town of Tarifa, at an altitude of 300m, we find the Straif of Gibraltar viewpoin, which offers breathtaking views.



From an exceptional vantage point, Mirador del Estrecho, located northeast of Tarifa, allows you to see part of the rugged Cadiz coast and after a small stretch of water in the background, the first mountains of Africa show up. This is a must visit, it is a privilege to come here and feel yourself between two continents, two cultures, two different worlds at a tiny distance. From Punta de Oliveros in Spain to Punta Cires in Morocco there are only 7.2 nautical miles, 14.4 kilometers between the European and the African continent.


people seating on the view-point-strait-of-Gibraltar-in-Tarifa-I© Andre Skibinski


A curiosity about the Strait of Gibraltar

In ancient times, the Strait of Gibraltar was the end of the world, as boaters said, and it was identified by the Columnas de Hércules which were, at the north, Peñón de Gibraltar, and at the south, Monte Musa. These two landforms were represented by two columns set on both sides of the shield of Spain since the 16th century, where you can read the phrase “Plus Ultra” that was the motto of Carlos I of Spain and V of Germany, as a sign of the dynamism and colonization of Spain. After the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus, the former motto “Non Plus Ultra” which meant no land beyond, became obsolete.




What to see in Strait of Gibraltar viewpoint

You will see the silhouette of the imposing Monte Musa, with a height of 851m above sea level, which rises majestically before you. It is worth coming here to enjoy the view, as even on bad days you can see Morocco and Ceuta, and the constant movement of ferries that cross the strait.


Strait-of-Gribraltar-viewpoint-in-Tarifa© Uwe Krella


At this point where the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean meet, the currents are very strong, especially at the time of the spring tide, so you should be very cautious if you plunge into the sea, although it is possible to cross by swimming. Something to be noted is the existence of the “Asociación para el Cruce a nado del Estrecho de Gibraltar” (Association for swimming across the Strait of Gibraltar), that is becoming more and more popular, but always under the supervision of the association and of the maritime authorities.

The viewpoint featuring parking and a bar where to stop and have a drink to cool off.


Bar-in-strait-of-gibraltar-viewpoint© Rey Perezoso