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Tavira Tower and its Cámara Oscura

The Tavira Tower is a must-see on any trip to Cadiz, with a height of 45 meters above sea level, and is the best viewpoint of the entire city and the bay. In the eighteenth century, there were 160 watchtowers of which 116 are preserved, Tavira Tower being the highest.



The tower keeps a pleasant surprise for the visitor, which is none other than the great cámara oscura. An interesting stop you cannot miss. Through a series of mirrors and lenses, the image of the city is projected in real time onto a white screen in a completely dark room, an optical feature that was already used in Leonardo Da Vinci times.

With a capacity limited to 18 people, the guides explain how it’s possible that these crystals reflect in real time what is happening on the street. They also talk about the various monuments and the history of the city. Visits last for 15 minutes and tickets cost € 6.-


Views over Cadiz city and Tamira Tower

Tavira Tower


Panoramic Views-from-the-topTavira-Tower-,-Cadiz

Views from the top Tavira Tower


In the eighteenth century, the city of Cadiz was in a full economic boom as the main port of trade with the New World. At that time, the city was the base of the trade routes between the Mediterranean and the New World. A new emerging, negotiating, cultured and cosmopolitan social class was born in the city. That’s when most traders built neoclassical manor houses, many of which are still preserved and can still be visited today.

These buildings are usually distributed over 3 floors, where the roofs had great prominence due to its high watchtowers, from where they scanned the horizon controlling the entry and exit of ships laden with goods. At the top of the tower waved colored flags so that ships could identify its tower from the high seas.



Tavira Tower




Torre Tavira Video



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Information about Tavira Tower

Adress: Calle Marqués del Real Tesoro, 10 , Cádiz
Telephone: +34 956 212 910
Timetable:Octobre – April: 10.00 – 18.00 hrs.- May – – Septembre: 10.00 – 20.00 hrs
Price: Normal 6.-€