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The 10 essential tourist spots in Puerto de Santa Maria

La Muralla beach in Puerto de Santa Maria, Cadiz


Santa María is a cheerful and artistic sea village where having a great time is very easy. Those who visit will fall in love with the melting pot of cultures that is evident on every corner. Although there are countless attractions offered here, we have chosen the following to make your visit unforgettable.



San Marcos Castle in Puerto de Santa MariaSan Marcos Castle

You can’t miss paying a visit to Castillo de San Marcos, located in the heart of the city. Declared Bien de Interés Cultural in 1920, the castle is a symbol of Puerto de Santa María. The interior holds within it an extraordinarily well-preserved Arab mosque. The beauty of this place will remain in your eyes forever.



Main entrance Bodegas Osborne in Puerto de Santa MariaBodegas Osborne

An important destination that you cannot afford to miss. The great winemaking tradition of the area created numerous wineries in Puerto de Santa María. The best known of all are the Bodegas Osborne; where you can visit and learn about the history of this family, as well as the process of winemaking. At the end, you will enjoy a delicious tasting of the best wines of Jerez.



Natural Park Los-Toruños,-Puerto-de-Santa-MariaNatural Park Los Toruños

Located in the Bay of Cadiz, the Natural Park of Los Toruños is one of the largest and most important of Andalucía. Strolling through its more than 30 km of trails, marshes, beaches and dune systems is an unforgettable experience. It is an ideal natural park where walking, cycling or playing sports surrounded by the large beach of Levante is a pleasure.



Iglesia-Prioral,-Puerto-de-Santa-MariaMajor Church Prioral

Located in the heart of the city, near the harbor, is Iglesia Mayor Prioral. A true architectural marvel that is a worthwhile stop on the way. It features an impressive facade next to the Plaza of España, built in the thirteenth century by the Dukes of Medinaceli.




Casa-señorial-Puerto-de-Santa-MariaPalace houses Cargadores de Indias

Puerto de Santa María was a constant connection between Spain and the New World. From that glorious era remain numerous palace houses belonging to merchants who made a big fortune. One of the most beautiful examples you can visit is Palacio de Aranibar from the seventeenth century.



Fish in Abastos Market in puerto-de-Santa-MariaAbastos Market

You cannot leave without visiting the fabulous Abastos market and experience the entire atmosphere and its surroundings. It’s the perfect place to feel the energy of the city and the atmosphere of the harbor. Strolling among the outside stands where they sell almost anything, it is an area full of bars and taverns.


Tapeo in-Puerto-de-Santa-MariaA night of Tapeo

This is another imperative visit, and is worth getting lost without direction or map around Ribera Marisco and Rivera del Río. There are numerous and varied restaurants where you can taste delicious tapas or dishes like shrimp omelette, oxtail, fried “pescaíto” or delicious cold cuts, all accompanied with a good cup of wine.



Cadiz city-Costa-de-la-Luz,-AndaluciaVist Cádiz

From Puerto de Santa María, you can easily reach Cádiz. Taking a ferry, which only takes 30 minutes, you’ll reach this great monumental city featuring its promenade, its historic buildings and the tastes and smells of ancient times.



La Muralla beach in Puerto de Santa Maria, CadizA beach day in Playa la Muralla

Enjoy a fantastic beach holiday at Playa de la Muralla. After passing Puerto Sherry, you’ll find one of the most charming beaches of Puerto de Santa María, Playa de la Muralla. It was named after the remains of Muralla del Castillo de Santa Catalina, that can be seen on the cliff on one of its sides.



Puerto-Cherry,-Puerto-de-Santa-Maria,-AndaluciaVisit Puerto Sherry

Puerto Sherry is a fantastic Marina located in the Bay of Cádiz where water sports enthusiasts will enjoy themselves a lot. You might like to sign up for a course in sailing. If you are not a fan of sports, it does not matter, since it’s also a nice place to stroll, watch the boats, inhale the smell of the sea filled with salt and eat in one of its many restaurants where there is also a great atmosphere at night