The best tourist spots in Ciutadella de Menorca


Ciutadella is a pearl of the Balearic Islands, where you will find incredible scenery, culture, nature, hidden coves and wild, beautiful beaches…there are so many choices that it is not easy to make a list of what you cannot miss, but here go our essential spots of Ciutadella to enjoy a complete and unique journey



woman swiming in turquois waters in Cala TalaierThe best way to see the island is having your own car to move freely and discover the best corners of the island. We recommend renting a car and taking a trip to visit the beautiful unspoiled beaches of Ciutadella. We can start a tour of Cala Morell in the north, and then visit the beautiful beaches of the south like Cala Talaier, followed by Cala Turqueta, to finish in Cala Macarella and Macarelleta. Enjoy beautiful scenery, white sandy beaches surrounded by greenery and lush forests bathed in turquoise and crystal clear waters that have nothing to envy of the Caribbean Sea. A real treat for the senses and landscapes that will remain forever in our minds.


ses voltes street in Mahon If what you want is to spend a day shopping a lá Pretty woman, you cannot miss Calle Ses Voltes, which is the most famous city street. A beautiful street surrounded by colonnades and full of terraces, restaurants, bars and countless shops. Ideal for walks in the evening after a day of sun and sand.







Naveta es Tudons in Ciutadella de Menorca in Menorca (4)The Naveta de Tudons is a recommended and interesting visit for those who tread the island. Visitors can learn of the origins of this ancient pre-talayónica civilization. Learn and discover the history of our ancestors, a fascinating monument dating from between 1200 and 700 BC in which more than 100 bodies surrounded by objects like bracelets, ceramics, necklaces were found in the 60s. There are several talayónicos and pre talayónicos on the island deposits but near Ciutadella, this is the most spectacular.





Castell de Nicolau in Ciutadella de Menorca (4)Walk along the promenade to visit the Castillo de San Nicolás, located at the entrance of the port from which you can enjoy some beautiful sunsets. This was a fortress built to protect the harbor, and although we cannot visit it inside, it is worth walking up there and having a lovely walk.






Es Born square in ciutadella-en-Menorca We recommend a walk from the port, the Es Born plaza to the historic center to reach the Cathedral of Ciutadella. A great ride touring the history of this city and its most emblematic buildings, starting with the obelisk of Plaza Es Born, the municipalities, Palacio Es Born, the Palacio Torresaura and Iglesia de San Francesc then get into the alleys of the old town and take a beautiful walk to the Cathedral of Ciutadella.






Cala-Morella-Caves-in-CiutadellaVisit the caves of Cala Morell 7 km from the city of Ciutadella. This is a very interesting visit in this area of the island. This is a set of 14 caves that are the most fascinating Talayónica necropolis on the island. These constructs were used until the 2nd century B.C. and you can go inside to see different elements such as windows, floorboards, gradients, etc.