Zoological park Lloc de Menorca

Lloc de Menorca is a fantastic mix of zoo and farm school located a few kilometers from Mahón and has a great variety among indigenous breeds of animals and exotic animals from around the world. The best place to take a quiet walk, with family or friends, through the rich flora and fauna from Minorca.



This is not a traditional zoo, as here visitors interact with animals as well as environmentally educate its visitors, so it is a very good educational activity for young and old people. The Lloc de Menorca is managed by the Mir family, and the project began when Nel Mir, a jeweler and great animal lover decided to create a farm of native and rescued animals. So, the farm has grown and today it is run by his family and is considered one of the ten best zoos in Spain.


LLoc de Menorca


Enter and walk through the lemurs forest, feed the macaques, have fun with the kangaroos of Australia, porcupines, deer and ostriches, and enjoy fantastic aquariums or learn about eagles and wild birds that are unique experiences that children will not easily forget.
The enclosure has a restaurant, museum, picnic area and playground surrounded by animals for the enjoyment of children.




Information about Zoological park Lloc de Menorca

Adress: Carretera General Me-1 Km 7,8-UrbanitzacióL’Argentina – Alaior
Telephone: 971 37 24 03
Timetable: Summer: de 10 h. a 20 h.- May June Septembre from 10:00 to 19H.
Price:Adults: 11.50.-€ – Children 7.50.-€