The Cuisine of Mijas

The Cuisine of Mijas, Malaga, is known for its variety of traditional dishes of the region. You can enjoy a perfect blend of local and international cuisine thanks to the many restaurants that can be found on the streets of Mijas.

Tourists can try both Spanish food such as well as Italian, Greek, Turkish, Chinese, etc. Although the main attraction are the local dishes that have become emblematic of Mijas, highlighting soups and broths.

Typical dishes from Mijas

– Garlic with white muscatel grapes. A cold soup made with almonds, garlic bread and served with the typical grapes of Malaga.

Salmorejo. A par excellence Andalusian dish. A variety of gazpacho that is also consumed cold. It is made with tomatoes, garlic, toasted bread, olive oil, vinegar, egg and salt.

Gazpachuelo. A soup made with water, bread and eggs and to which diluted mayonnaise is added previously to the broth. Then flavored with mint leaves.

Maimones Soup.  A type of gazpacho that is served hot! It is made with garlic, olives and crumbled pieces of bread.

Garlic soup.  A hot soup similar to the above, but not as thick. In this case, the bread is cut into small slices. It also contains egg and olives.

Cachorreñas Soup. Made with bread crumbs that are left to soak and then diced with garlic, olive oil and paprika, to which water boiled with anchovies and clams is added, and lastly cod and salt are added.

Fish soup. A hot soup made with white fish: whiting, hake, red mullet, and sole. It also contains carrots, garlic cloves, onion, parsley, salt and water.

Tomato soup. Hot soup made with tomatoes, onion, garlic, pepper, oil and water.

Lemon soup. A Hot soup made with water, saffron, garlic, peppers, clams, salt and lemon served with sliced bread.

Mijeña Salad. A potato based salad that also contains cod, oranges, onions and olives.

Hornazos. A bread dough that contains yeast and egg. It is a typical meal during Easter.

Fritters. Bread dough that is fried with plenty of oil and can be mixed together with water, milk, egg or yeast. It can also be filled with sweet or savory fillings.