The Cultural Heritage of Málaga

During the first decades of the twentieth century, Malaga did not have a very big movement and spreading of culture. Furthermore, after the Spanish Civil War, the city suffered major damage as far as its cultural infrastructures are concerned. After the 1950’s, Malaga started to gain a greater cultural value.

So much so that in 1954 it began to celebrate its Book Fair. In the 1970’s, the city strengthened its cultural activities as far as the arts and learning so that today it has a strong cultural scene within all the areas of art.

Cinema and theater

Malaga is home to Teatro Cervantes, which features 1,104 seats and an alternative room. This theater is also home to the Málaga Spanish Film Festival, where every year many great symbols of Spanish cinema attend. Other film festivals held in the city of Malaga are the Fancine or Fantasy Film Festival of Malaga and the French Film Festival of Malaga.

In addition to the Cervantes Theatre, the city boasts the Alameda Theatre, Theatre Canovas, Echegaray Theatre, the Roman Theatre, the Falla Hall, La Caja Blanca, the Auditorio Edgar Neville and the School of Dramatic Art, among others.


Malaga is home to world renowned concert halls known like Velvet Club, Sala Vivero, Sala Paris, Sala Maria Cristina or Sala Eventual Music. Regarding musical events, Malaga hosts the 101 Sun Festival, an indie rock music festival. On the other hand, the city of Málaga is home to several orchestras such as the Symphony and the Philharmonic; and several choirs, highlighting the Opera Choir. Also, Malaga takes its place as one of the cradles of flamenco, where the verdiales or malagueñas were born.


Every June, the Book Fair is held in Malaga. Also, every year the Emilio Prado’s Poetry Awards and The Generation of ’27 Poetry awards are hosted, issued by the Generation of 27 Center. The city council is eager to join the initiative that promotes literature, hosting the Malaga Novel Awards, Children’s Literature Award, the Manuel Alcántara Poetry Awards and Malaga Essay Awards.