Best things to do in Calpe

Best things to do in Calpe Calpe skyline and Peñon de Ifach massif

Peñón Ifach has attracted disparate civilizations for centuries. Everyone wanted to dominate this area, and today those who visit Calpe fall rendered to the wonders of this part of the Mediterranean. Discover our essential corners, the best things to do in Calpe and prepare the suitcase because you’ll want to visit them all.

Best things to do in Calpe




Parque Natural del Peñón de Ifach

You cannot miss paying a visit to Parque Natural del Peñón de Ifach. Nature lovers will enjoy this magnificent excursion to the Peñón whose climbing has 2 sections, an easier one that is suitable for the whole family and a second that is suitable only for athletic people, since it’s a more difficult stretch. It is advisable to wear good shoes, appropriate clothing and carry some water, we guarantee you that the spectacular views from the top are well worth the effort.


Calpe-sunset over las Salinas
Las Salinas de Calpe

Located in the town center, very close to the Parque Natural del Peñón de Ifach, Las Salinas de Calpe is an enclave of high biological and cultural value. This old saltwork functioned in Roman times, and is now home to over 173 species of flora and wildlife birds among which we can name pink flamingos and white storks.



Baños de la Reina

Swim in the Mediterranean waters within a Roman site is an experience in itself and difficult to find in other places. Certainly, bathing in such a place with centuries of history is in our list of Best things to do in Calpe. The so-called Baños de la Reina are the remains of large buckets dug into the rock during the Roman Empire for use as a nursery for fish that would later be used at the salting factory. It is located on the seafront next to important archeological sites and ancient Roman baths.



Torre de la Peça

Located in the historic center of Calpe, in the Plaza de la Vila we find this tower which was part of a defensive layout that consisted of 2 walls in order to protect the city from attacks by pirates and privateers. A double belt wall that completely surrounded the city, work was concluded in 1746. Torre de la Peça is one thing you cannot forget to capture with your camera.



Old Town of Calpe

One of the Best things to do in Calpe is the visit to the old town. And it is worth getting lost and wander aimlessly through the narrow cobbled streets that form the old town, walking along its walls, visiting museums and soaking into the past and the history of this city on the Mediterranean. A delightful journey that will surprise you at every step.



La Pobla de Ifach

This is a huge medieval archaeological walled site dating from the 13th century. These lands were repopulated by Christian settlers who were offered a new chance at life with possession of lands and houses if they obeyed the king. The enclosure is equipped with a complex system of access, rooms, stores, houses and an imposing church dedicated to Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles with a medieval burial ground at his feet.


Scuab diving in Calpe

Diving in Calpe

There are several tourist companies that organize excursions and in Calpe such as dive & dive or gofun . If you love diving, you cannot miss the opportunity to take a tour of these waters. You will enjoy magnificent seabeds. In the Cantal Roig beach  there is an underwater path marked with beacons and signs with explanations on native marine life, a unique experience.


Monte Toix landscape in Calpe

Monte Toix

We recommend a nice excursion to the viewpoint of Monte Toix to enjoy a fabulous view of the Peñon de Ifach and the Calpe City Bay. It is easy to park the car nearby and climb up a slightly steep road, but with every passing meter the slope gets complicated, but the result is so worth it. If you love photography, prepare the camera because the views are spectacular.



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