Punta Negra beach

In the Playa Punta Negra you will find a landscape that combines the simple beauty of the rocky landscape with small boulders.


The Punta Negra beach is very frequented by lovers of scuba diving or those who like to dive with a mask and snorkel. The seagrass meadows extending in this part of the coast make their waters very clear and abundant marine life. It is also a very nice place to walk and enjoy the crystal clear waters.


Punta Cap Negret in Denia


The Punta Negra beach is bordered by the promenade and has cleaning and surveillance, a recommended diving area that requires you to request permission because it is a place of community interest that it belongs to the Microreserva de flora y Reserva Marina del Cabo de San Antonio.

In Les Rotes Hotel, next to the beach, there is a very nice renowned restaurant, where you can taste the best recipes of Alicante cuisine based on fish and good seafood.



Information about Punta Negra beach:

Tipe of beach
Lenght: 1400m
Tipe of sand:Arena fina y blanca
More information
Situation. Located 3 km from Denia



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