Quart Towers

Majestic Towers marked by the history that guarded one of the entrances of the old medieval walls of the city of Valencia.

Quart Towers in Valencia

The Quart Towers are another emblematic monument of the city of Valencia and are next to the Serrano Towers, 2 entrance gates to the old city and the medieval Christian have remained virtually intact to this day. They are located at the intersection of Calle Castro with Calle Quart and were built between 1441 and 1460. Formerly, it was called the Torres de Cal, since all the transportation of lime entered the city through this door that was facing west.


Quart towers in Valencia


History of Quart Towers

Formerly, the city had 12 gates to enter the city through the walls. Unfortunately, they were destroyed in the nineteenth century by Civil Governor Cirilo Amoros due to clean the city reasons and the need that had the city to grow and increase its perimeter. Of the 12 towers just Las Torres de Serranos and Torres de Quart are left standing.

It is made of two enormous towers, 34 meters high cylindrical plant on the outside and flattened on the inside. They are a good example of Gothic military construction and impress with their robustness and beauty that amuses. From the top, they offer beautiful views of the entire city of Valencia.

Its main use in antiquity was to defend the city from attacks, but later, it became a women’s prison. It is a door full of history. For example, it has experienced dramatic moments as the 132 impacts of gunshots fired by the armies of Napoleon, whose marks can still be seen on the facade of the towers.


Quart towers at night in Valencia



Information about Quart Towers

Adress: Pl. de Sta. Úrsula, 1. 46003 Valencia
Telephone: 96 208 39 07
Timetable: Monday to Saturday from 9.30 h to 19.00 h – Sundays and BankHolidays from 9.30 h to 15.00 h .
Price: Normal: 2.-€ – Sundays and bankholidays free



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