Santa Ana beach

Its proximity to the port La Marina makes it one of the most crowded in the city. Its casual atmosphere, calm waters and the quality of their services will make you love it.

Santa Ana beach is located in the center of Benalmádena. This is one of the most popular beaches by the inhabitants of Benalmádena, which says a lot about this beach.
Throughout its more than 500 mts of sand, you will find a great number of places to rent sun loungers and parasols. The beach has modern facilities and services such as showers, toilets and walkways for the disabled. Along the walk on the beach of Santa Ana, we find a large number of restaurants, bars and terraces, so we have lots to choose from.


Parasols in Santa Ana beach in Benalmadena


This Santa Ana beach runs along the boardwalk which makes it ideal for walking, jogging or doing sports with the iconic Bill Bill Castle as a backdrop.
One of the most popular restaurants is the Santa Ana, which offers a family atmosphere full of sympathy and kindness. Here you can taste delicious dishes of meat and fish, delicious prawns, lubinas and paellas. All them are very delicious and carefully cooked.



Information about Santa Ana beach


Type of beach
Lenght: 500m
Type of sand: fine sand
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