The Sierra de Bernia

A natural wall of 11 kilometers from where we will find some truly breathtaking views. A perfect place for hiking and enjoying nature.

The Sierra de Bernia landscape

The Sierra de Bernia is a mountain range of rugged landscape belonging to the Cordilleras Béticas and runs for 11km perpendicular to the Mediterranean coast, separating the areas of the Marina Baja and Marina Alta, its highest point has 1219m. its highest point is 1219m and in the lower it sinks into the sea in its eastern part by the Morro de Toix, before reaching the sea we will find the impressive Desfiladero de Mascarat with 300 meters, a place visited by climbing enthusiasts.


Beutifull landscape from The Sierra de Bernia Natural Park


This Sierra is shared by several populations like Jalon, Calpe, Benisa, Callosa d’en Sarria and Altea and has a high landscape and environmental value; it was formerly called Sierra de Verdiola due to the greenery of pine trees and vegetation in general. But over the years it has been hard hit by fires and deforestation because of the ship building and coal production.

This was one of the enclaves of Muslim settlement in these lands, also other civilizations populated here and displays of that are some remains preserved in the Sierra such as the Fort of Bernia, a fortress castle built at an altitude of 800m used as a lookout point to control the coast from a vantage point on a clear day. It can be seen from the Cabo de Nao to the port of Alicante. Sometimes if the weather permits, you can even see the island of Ibiza.


The Sierra de Bernia Natural Park and Altea panoramic view


Practice hiking in the Sierra de Bernia

Nature and hiking lovers can go to the route PR CV Sierra de Bernia, which is a lower-middle difficulty route, with a 10km circular route, it usually takes about 4 hours to complete it. It is well signposted and can be done throughout the year. It goes through the Font de Bernia and through a cave. From some points you can enjoy incredible views of the Marina and hopefully maybe you can see a fox, wild boar or mountain goats.
The Sierra de Bernia is considered a protected landscape of Valencia for their scenic, natural and cultural value.


Beautifull landscape in The Sierra de Bernia Natural Park


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