Top 10 Highlights in Benalmádena

Highlights in Benalmádena Castillo-Bill-Bill-en-Benalmadena-2

Benalmádena is a place that offers many options for you to spend a perfect vacation, since it has an amazing marina, amusement park, beaches bordered by beautiful walks. So you can enjoy to the fullest and not miss the most important, here’s a list of the Highlights in Benalmadena



Our list of Highlights in Benalmadena that you can not miss:

Narrow streets in Benalmadena-old-townOld town

If you travel to Benalmádena, you have to devote an afternoon to explore the maze of narrow and cobbled alleys with a network of typically Andalusian mountain, where the pristine white of whitewashed houses is only broken by green plants and flowers hanging from their balconies. Wander through its squares where you can drink some tapas or relax, and visit the Iglesia de Santo Domingo de Guzman, the oldest in the city


Colomares-Castel,-BenalmadenaCastillo Colomares

Colomares is the dream of a love story surgeon who dedicated his life and his entire fortune to recreate in this work a gigantic tribute to Christopher Columbus and the Discovery of America. The Doctor Colomares was taken over by crazy by many but he never stopped trying and continued to work until the day of his death. Today you can visit this place, worth seeing for its originality, to stroll through the gardens and the views from the site.


Castillo-Bill-Bill-en-Benalmadena-2Castillo BilBil

BilBil is a beautiful reddish building surrounded by gardens and fountains of Muslim inspiration. Its construction dates from 1927, when the Hermann family had it built, but unfortunately because of the Spanish Civil War could never inhabit it, and now belongs to the city and public events are held there as well as many of the weddings of the town as it is a magical place of great beauty.



Boats in Marina Benalamadena, Costa del Sol (3)Benalmádena Marina

The Port of Benalmádena is one of the most beautiful of the Costa del Sol, as proof,it has twice received the title of “The Best Marina in the World”. This is a beautiful port and residential complex. At night there is an incredible atmosphere, some of the terraces of the very exclusive restaurants get crowded, the port and the boats light up and the place shines. In addition, there is also the Sea Life Aquarium. Do not miss this unique visit.


Buddhist-Stupa-de-la-Iluminación-in-Benalmadena-buddhist-temple-IIIEstupa Templo Budista de Benalmádena

You can not miss the opportunity to visit the largest Buddhist temple in the West built in 2003. Once you get here you will be impressed by the building where you can take some great photos and you can also see a panoramic view of the incredible Mediterranean, although you will be transferred in time to a far Eastern country. Do not miss one of the essentials of Benalmadena.


Arroyo de Miel beach in BenalmadenaPlaya Arroyo de la Miel

Bordered by the beautiful promenade, Playa Arroyo de Miel is one of the most charming beaches in Benalmadena. It is a beach with all necessary services to enjoy an amazing day of sun and beach.You can enjoy water sports, hop on a skateboard or a banana, and it is full of bars to eat a plate of the typical “pescaitofrito” or cool down. Here is another essential of Benalmadena, a very Andalusian beach.


Dophines jumping in Selwo Marina Delfinarium in Benalmadena (3)Selwo Marine Delfinario

The Selwo Marina dolphinarium is a lovely well-kept building where you can see exhibits of dolphins for about 30 minutes, as well as sea lions, exotic birds, snakes, iguanas, turtles, piranhas, bats … The park is divided into four geographic zones: as Antillas, La Hondonada, Isla del Hielo and Amazonia. It is a perfect place to spend a morning or afternoon summer with children.



Noria-Tivoli-World-Benalmadena,-Costa-del-SolTivoli world

We could say the Tivoli World is an amusement park of vintage style, despite being old and its attractions are not the highest or the craziest of Europe, itis a good place to spend a fun afternoon with family, there are many attractions for children. There are also restaurants, bars and shows in the squares of the park. Please go during the evening because during the day in the summer it is very hot. In the winter it is closed.



Benalmadena Cable Car (3)Cable Car Benalmádena

If you do not suffer from vertigo, here’s the perfect opportunity to climb to the highest point of Benalmádena and observe the Costa del Sol from above. The journey takes about 12 minutes out of Benalmádena and continues through Monte Calamorro. During the ride, an audio guide will be reporting everything that you see, and on reaching the top you can enjoy a demonstration of training birds.


Beautifull parks in Paloma Park in Benalmadena (4)Parque de la Paloma

This park is a beautiful park where you can walk relaxed enjoying such a green area. You can have a drink in one of the bars or lay on the grass watching some little animals run around the park. There is a lake that gives a romantic touch to the park and a cactus garden. It is the perfect place for hiking, sports or a walk with children who will have fun chasing after chickens, rabbits or peacocks. A relaxing and peaceful visit.



Popular places in Benalmadena

Bil Bil beach in Benalmadena

Bil Bil Beach

Top 10 Highlights in Benalmádena

Top 10 Highlights in Benalmádena

Selwo Marina Delfinarium

Selwo Marina Delfinarium