Paloma Park

Paloma Park has more than 200,000m2 of gardens and green spaces that make it the true heart of Benalmádena. A firm favourite with locals and tourists alike, Parque de la Paloma was voted in 2014 as being in the top 25 best parks in Europe by Tripadvisor

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Located in the heart of Benalmádena since 1995, the Paloma Park has become an emblem of the place and a meeting point for its neighbors. A unique and charming place. It is considered one of the most beautiful parks in the Costa del Sol thanks to the great natural wealth and biodiversity, it is like a real oasis. The flora and fauna found here, along with its amazing facilities give a lot of prestige to this park.


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What will we find in Paloma Park?

During the walk in the park you can enjoy spotting a number of very different animals. That will make your children happy. Hens, chickens, pigeons, sparrows and rabbits roaming freely for the benefit of those present. Give ta few pieces of bread to your children and see the happy face they put while feeding the animals.

There are several lakes, including one large one, with scores of ducks, swans and turtles. You can walk around the lake’s perimeter and spot animals in the undergrowth. There are also kiosks that sell packets of seeds, with which you can feed the animals.



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It has five entrances and a labyrinthine path that will lead you to discover its secrets, like the beautiful artificial lake stocked with ducks, swans, fish or turtles. Besides, your children will enjoy the green areas. There are playgrounds and cafeterias ideal for a picnic or for games that tend to be the most sought after areas on weekends when families flock to the Park to enjoy with their children.

It is ideal for those who want to walk and escape the bustle of the city but also for those looking to do some sport. The park is always impeccable. A true heaven, a paradise for nature and outdoor activities lovers.




How to reach the Paloma Park in Benalmádena?:

Drive from Málaga through the A7 highway until you reach the exit 222 of Benalmádena – Arroyo de la Miel.


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