Sagunto Castle

The imposing Castillo de Sagunto rests on top of the town and the many buildings that it comprises extends over more than 1 km.

Sagunto castle old walls

When the visitor arrives to Sagunto, the first thing that attracts his attention is the great fortress atop the hill. Visible from almost any point of the city. The Sagunto castle is located in the last foothills of the Sierra Calderona.

This fortress is often erroneously called the Castillo Romano. As it was the most important civilization and the one that had more impact in these lands, to the point of having given its name. But in reality, the architectural ensemble is the result of the mix of influences of its various inhabitants.The castle is surrounded by walls from different eras. Inside we still find remains of Iberian villages, Roman, Gothic and Muslims ruins. Given its historical significance, it was declared a National Monument in 1931.


chateau Sagunto castle in Costa Valenciana


Structure of the Sagunto Castle

The fortress is divided into seven spaces or separate enclosures and during the tour you will see public and religious buildings, walls, la Plaza del dos de Mayo, la Plaza de los Estudiantes, la Plaza de Armas which is the oldest part of the fortress. In it, there are remains of the Roman forum and a cistern carved in the rock. In the Plaza de la Conejera, there are remains of the Arab occupation, you can see a water tank of nine pillars, the Plaza de la Ciutadela and Plaza San Fernando where you will find the “Antiquarium epigráfico”. There you can visit a magnificent exhibition of Latin, Iberian and Hebraic epigraphy.
From the top of the castle, visitors can enjoy wonderful views of the city. From there, the 4 cardinal points are controlled and its strategic location to meet on theMediterranean is understood. There is nothing better than an aerial view to see the magnitude of the enclosure.
The climb to the castle can be a little hard in some sections. But it surely compensates to reach the top with exceptional views of the garden with its orange trees and coast.


Inside Sagunto Castle photo collage


Our advice for the climb to the castle

We recommend visiting the Castle with proper shoes because the slope is steep and you have to walk quite a lot. On the ground, there is also no bar, no place to buy water, so it is best to come with food and drink plentiful to avoid becoming dehydrated.


Inside Sagunto Castle panoramic view


Enjoy this nice video with aerial views of Sagunto Castle




Information about Sagunto Castle

Adress: Carrer Castell, s/n, 46500 Sagunt, Valencia
Telephone: 962 66 62 01
Timetable: Summer timetable: Monday to Tuesday from 10:00 to 20:00 – Sundays and bankholidays from 10:00 to 14:00




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