Top 10 places to visit in Tarragona

Best places to visit in Tarragona

 In a city that is a World Heritage Site, we cannot expect less than wonderful places, and that’s what gives this city, countless beautiful and interesting places even though you don’t like history or culture. This city hides many charming nooks and this is our selection ofthe best places to visit in Tarragona: what to do in Tarragona.



 10 places to visit in Tarragona that  you cannot miss:


Beautifull aereal view of Tarragona and Cathedral

Marvel at the Cathedral

You cannot miss a visit to the Cathedral of Tarragona, located on an ancient Roman temple dedicated to Augustus in the old town located in the uptown. Today, it is dedicated to Santa Tecla. Built in Romantic style with spectacular elements of the Renaissance and Baroque period, it emphasizes its beautiful facade with a large rosette of 12 rays representing the 12 apostles. It is ideal for lovers of Gothic architecture, religious arts and stories and curiosities that are always present in these places of worship. Do not miss the climb to the bell tower from where you enjoy spectacular views of the city.


Visit the National Archaeological Museum

One of the highlights of Tarragona for lovers of history is the visit to the Archaeological Museum of Tarragona. Created in the nineteenth century, it is one of the oldest and best of Catalonia in their specialty. It is suitable for lovers of archeology. The various rooms collect numerous remains of sculptures, mosaics, architecture, ceramics, household and military utensils, amphorae, clothing, funerary objects, coins, and much more. Many of these pieces come from important monumental areas of the city such as theater, circus, amphitheater or forum.


Tarragona fisherman district of El Serrallo

Enjoy a paella in the fishing neighborhood of Serrallo

The Serrallio is the maritime district of Tarragona. A a maze of narrow cobbled streets with ancient and narrow buildings from the nineteenth century where the architectural style of the sailors of yesteryears still breathe in the neighborhoods. And it is one of the best places to visit in Tarragona if you are interested in gastronomy. it is here where you will find one of the areas with the best cuisine of the city, with countless restaurants and terraces where to taste delicious seafood and the best dishes of the area.



Model of Tarragona old roman city

The best way to understand the majesty and importance the city once had under the Roman Empire, is visiting the maqueta de Tarraco. A miniature reconstruction of the city of the second century at a 1: 500scale, which is located in the old audience at the Plaça del Pallol.
Its 21 square meters and many details, allow us to imagine the planning and expansion of the city in the second century A.C., a period that lived its peak.


Roman Anfitheater in Tarragona
Feel like a gladiator in the amphitheater

Visit the majestic amphitheater and the main monuments of the Roman Tárraco surrounding it at the Forum, the Circus, the Necropolis or the walls. We are facing one of the best cities in the world where the grandeur of the Roman Empire is appreciated. Around the amphitheatre you will find some of the best places to visit in Tarragona. The visit to the amphitheatre will help us better understand the importance of the historical heritage of this city, declared a World Heritage Site in 2000 by UNESCO and which certainly surprises us at every step.


PortAventura theme park in Salou

Feel the adrenaline in PortAventura

If you like excitement you cannot miss this one-day visit to this fabulous theme park.  Portaventura is considered one of the best parks in Europe. It is divided into 5 themed zones, which are the Far West, Mediterranean, Polynesia, Mexico and China. Rollercoasters, great attractions, children’s areas and wonderful shows in every corner will give an unforgettable day for both the young and old.


Peek at the Balcón del Mediterráneo

At the end of one of the main avenues of Tarragona, called the Rambla Nova and filled with stores, we expect a fantastic viewpoint 40 meters above sea level.  There we will enjoy a privileged view of the amphitheater, la Playa del Miracle and Puerto de Tarragona. A good place to let your imaginations go and to inspire the Serrat style or simply to enjoy the vast sea. A good place to take the pulse of the city and enjoy the daily life of Tarraconenses.


Tarragona old town and roman walls photo collage

Walk through the old town and the walls

Largely surrounded by great Roman walls, the old town of Tarragona is one of the best places to visit in Tarragona. Get Lost without a map or walk aimlessly through a maze of narrow streets full of Art Nouveau mansions and historic buildings like the cathedral, the old hospital of Santa Tecla or the Jewish Quarter. A lovely promenade where you can also enjoy numerous stores, restaurants and museums. Undoubtedly, it is the most charming district and most interesting city.


Imprescindibles de Tarragona segway en tarragona
Walk Through the city on a Segway

No more fun and original (and comfortable …) way to see the city of Tarragona than through a Segway ride. Explore the streets with this funny contraption, visit the plazas and the most unknown corners of the Imperial Tarraco. A 1hour guided tour that will show you the best places in the old town and the most emblematics of the city.

Beautifull landscape of the Tamarit Castle in Tarragona
Tamarit Castle

Just 10 minutes from Tarragona stands majestically this church-fortress of the XII century. In a privileged location facing the sea and surrounded by beautiful beaches in the town of Tamarit. This romantic castle has protected for centuries the Catalan coast. First in the struggle for the Reconquista against Muslims, then against pirates and later for trade protection in the Mediterranean. El Castell de Tamarit contains defensive and residential elements, a prison, watchtowers and a Romanesque church.



Popular places in Tarragona

Fisherman’s district El Serrallo

Fisherman’s district El Serrallo

Tarragona Old Town

Tarragona Old Town

Tarragona National Archaeological Museum

Tarragona National Archaeological Museum