Valencia Cathedral

Becoming a symbol of the city, this beautiful majestic work is a set of the major European architectural styles. Located in the picturesque Barrio de la Seu in the old town opposite the Plaza de la Almoina, next to Basílica de los Desamparados. Its one of the main monuments of Valencia you cannot miss for its majesty, its location, and its history.


Catedral de Valencia is seat of the Archbishop of Valencia and is dedicated to Jaume I the Conqueror. Construction of the cathedral began in 1262 on Roman foundations and Visigoths, and a mosque. It rose between the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries, but underwent various reconstructions over the centuries so has several styles such as romantic, Renaissance, baroque and neoclassicals, with the predominant Gothic style. Catedral de Santa María de Valencia is a veritable museum and a summary of the most outstanding Valencian architectural history from the Middle Ages to the present day. It is an admirable mix of architectural styles.




Do not miss the details of the Cathedral of Valencia We highlight its 3 doors, la puerta de la Almoina (limosna) which owes its name to casa de la Limosna; the neighboring farm of Romanesque style where they helped the needy, la puerta de los Apóstoles of Gothic style that owes its name to the sculptures representing the 12 apostles and oddly still keeps its nails, doors and the original hinges of 1438. And finally, puerta de los Hierros of baroque style that is the main entrance to the cathedral. Its bell tower 51m high and built between the XIV and XV centuries of Gothic Levantine stylee, has become an icon of the city and is known as el campanario del Miguelete o “campanar nou“.Its biggest bell was blessed during the Michaelmas, which is the reason for its name. Inside, the main structure of the cathedral formed by naves, was built between the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries and was inspired by the Catedral de Tarragona.





Information about Valencia Cathedral

Adress: Plaça de la Almoina, s/n, 46003 Valencia
Telephone: 963 91 81 27
Timetable: de 08:00h – 20:00h





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