10 best places to see in Valencia

places to see in Valencia. City of Arts and Science of Valencia

Valencia is an open sea, a cheerful and cosmopolitan city where it is very easy to enjoy. There are so many attractions in this city that making a list of favorites is always difficult. Discover our list of 10 best places to see in Valencia and your trip will be a guaranteed success


Don’t miss the 10 best places to see in Valencia


Valencia Market main façadeWander one morning by the Central Market

One of the most lively Places to see in Valencia in Valencia is Mercado Central, located within the Old Town. Located in a beautiful modernist building, it has more than 300 stops and a fabulous atmosphere. Wander among its streets enjoying the busy life of this modernist market, its smells, tastes and colors, where its wide range of cuisine invites us to stay and eat, taste and buy fresh products.



Spectacular buidings in the City of Arts and science of Valencia IIVisit Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias and the Oceanografico

The City of Arts and Sciences is an impressive architectural complex located in the heart of the city that is home to 6 stunning avant-garde buildings, gardens and fountains. Do not miss the visit to the Oceanográfico, the largest aquarium in Europe and the fun and educational Museo de la Ciencia. No doubt this is one of the Places to see in Valencia if you like modernity or and architecture.



Lonja Silk Exchange in Valencia CityMarvel at Lonja de Seda

Located in the “Barri del Mercat” we find this architectural marvel that besides being a World Heritage Site by UNESCU. It is a masterpiece of the European Gothic civil architecture. The Silk Exchange is one of the most emblematic buildings of Valencia. It was designed as a market temple that would symbolize the Paradise, with very high spectacular ceilings and twisted columns simulating palm trees, with a painted blue vault simulating the sky.



Frontal façade of Serrano Towers in Valencia cityClimb the Serranos Towers

The Torres de Serranos are one of the best preserved monuments of the city and an icon of Valencia. These two imposing pentagonal cubes are next to Torres Quart, the last two doors left standing of the twelve protecting the ancient walled city of Valencia. You can climb to the highest spot to enjoy a spectacular panorama. This image is one of the must have photos of Valencia.




Malvarrosa beach in ValenciaTake a dip in Playa de la Malvarrosa

Enjoy a fabulous day on Malvarrosa beach with your friends or family, stroll along the promenade or eat a plate of rice. This is an urban beach of over 1,000m in length but featuring good services and facilities. It is awarded the Blue Flag of the EU and it is the beach where some of the biggest shows of the year are celebrated, such as las hogueras de San Juan o el festival aéreo.




Traditional house in Albufera Natural Park in ValenciaAlbufera Natural Park

Parque Natural de L’Albufera is located 10 km from the city of Valencia. The park  features a great natural wealth and biodiversity. It is the perfect place to escape the bustle of the city and observe animals that live there. Enjoy hiking through rice paddies or take boat rides by the lakes. It is the perfect disconnection of the city noise.





Carmen quarter in ValenciaWalk aimlessly through Barrio del Carmen

They say that if you have not visited the Barrio del Carmen then you have not been to Valencia. It is located in the heart of the old town of Valencia and is one of the largest medieval quarters in Europe. A very charming place that has become one of the main centers of gastronomic delight, leisure and culture of Valencia. A perfect place to get lost and wander aimlessly.



Baobab trees in bioparc-valenciaVisit Bioparc Valencia

A must visit especially if traveling with children. This is a different kind of zoo, where they try to eliminate visual barriers to look like animals live freely. At Bioparc, they try to recreate, with the utmost rigor, the natural habitat of more than 2,800 animals of 200 different species. Where you can enjoy gorillas, elephants, giraffes, hundreds of species of birds, reptiles and large predators.



Valencia Cathedral Valencia Cathedral of Santa María

The Cathedral of Valencia is another symbol of the city. Built between the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries, it is a mix of architectural styles. It is located in the heart of the old town, in the Plaza de la Almoina situated in the picturesque neighborhood of La Seu. In addition, its bell tower called Torre del Miguelete Tower, with its 207 steps is one of the most visited monuments of the city. From there it is possible to enjoy breathtaking views.



Beautifull Cabecera park in Valencia

Relax in the Turia Gardens

With more than 9 km of gardens, parks and fountains, it has become one of the most visited places in the city. Jardín del Turia is a meeting place for Valencians and tourists filled with fountains, trails, playgrounds and green spaces. It is ideal for running or playing soccer, cycling or walking. We recommend renting bikes or Segways to scroll through them.



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