Best places to see in Cullera

Best places to see in Cullera Estany de Cullera beautifull sunset

Bathed by the waters of the Mediterranean and sheltered by monte de les Raboses, Cullera offers visitors an exceptional environment, a vast cultural offering and a delicious cuisine. Discover with us the best kept secrets of this beautiful town on our list of Best places to see in Cullera to enjoy a perfect and unforgettable holiday.


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Cullera castle at night Climb to Cullera Castle

One of the Best places to see in Cullera is the Cullera Castle on foot or by car. If you decide to climb on foot, we recommend to wear good shoes because there is a considerable slope. The ascent can be somewhat hard. But the rewards for reaching the top are the spectacular views of the entire region, the city and the Rio Júcar. Castillo de Cullera offers guided tours to visit its museum halls and the weapons rooms.



Cullera Castle on the top of a hillSantuary of the Virgin and Cullera Castle

This Sanctuary is situated at the entrance to Castle Cullera, at the top of the montaña de las Raboses. The Sanctuary was attached to the Castle in the nineteenth century. It is dedicated to the patron saint of the city. Due to its privileged situation, from the top we can enjoy wonderful views from the entire city to the mouth of the river Júcar.




Sunset in Cullera Estany A walk through L’Estany

A magical corner quite reminiscent to the Albufera Valencia, this is a perfect place to escape from the world and from the noise. L’Estany is a freshwater lake open sea located in the southern part of the mouth of the Xúquer. The landscapes are very typical from Valencia and the ride is very nice. It is a landscape of orchards and paddy fields of small boats, with ducks, swans and all kinds of birds .



Dragut cave in Cullera Pirate Dragut Cave   

If you go with your family, we recommend visiting the beautiful Pirate Museum Dragut. It is located in a natural cave, where we can feel like genuine pirates. The cave tells the story of the famous Dragut pirate who terrorized the Mediterranean coast.  An educational and fun visit undoubtedly delight the kids with their treasures, maps, pirate costumes and even a life-size authentic brig.                                                                  



Traditional-house-in-Albufera-Valencia Stroll through l’Albufera Natural Park       

 Spend a day visiting the wonderful Albufera Natural Park with the whole family. You can do boating, bird watching, visit true Valencian barracks, rent bicycles or take guided tours to learn about the cultural and environmental heritage of this beautiful nature park. Visit the Cullera Lighthouse, also known as la Punta de Faro in the so-called Isla de los Pensamientos. It is located in an extraordinary and charming setting at the edge of cliffs.



Market fish in Cullera Strolling through Mercado de Cullera

Markets are always a good place to take the pulse of the city, and Cullera is no exception. It is an other one of the Best places to see in Cullera if you are interested in local habits. Located at the beginning of the Calle del Calvario, this beautiful modernist building is a meeting place for locals and tourists. At its core, the stone fountain, home to ducks and turtles is always an attraction for the little ones



Eat tasty paella in Cullera Eat a tasty rice dish

You cannot leave Cullera without tasting their star dish: rice. A town famous for its rice dishes and paellas with many renowned restaurants. You can taste delicious dishes like el arroz del “senyoret”, el arroz negro or paellas de pato, de raya, la morena or la del regerot. We recommend these most renowned restaurants: Can Salvador, Casa Roberto or Ca’Sento. If you like good food, this will be one of your main must visits.



aquopolis-de-cullera Have fun at Acuopolis in Parque Acuático Acuopolis

If you travel with children or with friends, there is no better option during the summer than to take a dip in the fantastic water park of Aquopolis. A nice park within 6 kilometers of Cullera. Enjoy a refreshing time in the big wave pools, on the slides or in river rapids. You will surely spend a fun day.




Cullera beach Take a bath in its wonderful beaches

You cannot miss the opportunity to enjoy the 15km of beaches, cliffs and coves that Cullera offers. Among its eleven wonderful beaches are more urban and crowded beaches like San Antonio and Racó, wide beaches such as Escollera. Other more family-friendly with fine golden sand such as Marenyet or Brosquil. Where you can practice water sports or snorkeling on the idyllic Playa del Faro, or Playa del Faro Dosel with its famous dune ridges.



Popular places in Cullera

Cullera Castle

Cullera Castle

Cullera Lighthouse

Cullera Lighthouse

Best places to see in Cullera

Best places to see in Cullera