Plaza de los Naranjos (Square of the Orange Trees)

The Plaza de los Naranjos, located in the old town of Marbella, is the true heart of the city. One of the mythical places in Marbella, don't miss the opportunity to enjoy this place full of history and life

Naranjos square in ,-Marbella old town,-Malaga

The Plaza de los Naranjos was built after the Christian reconquest in 1485.  It is located in the old town of Marbella. Some old buildings of Muslim origin were destroyed to give liberate some space to this part of the city. His intention was to create the center of the administrative, economic and social power of the municipality.


Naranjos square in the heart of Marbella old town


the orange Square marbella Plaza de los Naranjos in the heart of Marbella

Plaza de los Naranjos


In the buildings surrounding the Plaza de los Naranjos, you can spot much of the history of the city. Since it has some of the most emblematic and important buildings such as the Ayuntamiento, built in the late sixteenth century, the Casa del Corregidor or the Ermita de Santiago, which is the oldest place of worship in the place.


Getting to the square is an amazing experience because you have to go through a maze of narrow streets and winding alleys full of stores, old buildings and terraces that lead unequivocally to it. In the square, there is a mystical atmosphere in the air. The intense green of the orange trees highlights with the whiteness of the Andalusian buildings around them, while the terraces and bars are full of people eating, chatting and enjoying this unique corner of Marbella.


Naranjos square located in Marbella old town


Discovers Marbella from the Plaza de los Naranjos

This is a good point of departure to start discovering the city. Besides being the place where the tourist office (Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 10:00 am Saturday 2:00 p.m. 21.00hy) where they will inform you of the most important points of the city.



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