Top 10 things to do in Ametlla de Mar

things to do in Ametlla de Mar Sant Jordi d'alfama castle

Away from the major tourist routes, in this beautiful Mediterranean fishing village, you can escape the bustle and crowds of summer. L’Ametlla de Mar is known for its gastronomy, its nature, its beautiful pristine beaches, and the  tranquility and peace that is breathed there. Check out our list of the 10 best things to do in Ametlla de Mar.


Best things to do in Ametlla de Mar for an unforgettable trip

Calafato beach cristaline waters

Discover its incredible coves

It is clear we cannot go to l´Ametlla de Mar without knowing its coves, each and every one of them with the charm of unspoiled beaches, sheltered by cliffs and pine forests, a place to relax and enjoy the sea, the beauty of its waters and seabed, in a tranquility away from the pelleted beaches destinations. If you do not want to cross them all, we recommend a visit to Cala Forn, Cala Vidre or Playa de Sant Jordi , although there are many more.


Imprescindibles de l'Ametlla de Mar Suquet-Calero

Delicious local culinary specialties

There are many places to enjoy the delicious recipes of this seaside town that has a great culinary tradition, restaurants like Moli dels Avis, La Llotja, La Serra or Restaurant Mestral, are some of the most renowned for their traditional Catalan cuisine. Where you can taste dishes like the incredible rices among which we highlight the rice with lobster or rice with cuttlefish, octopus with aioli, crawfishes, a delicious red tuna grilled eel, red shrimp and countless dishes that would delight any tourist . Do not settle for a pizza, meeting the local cuisine is one of the best things to do in Ametlla de Mar.


scubadiver swiming with the big tunas in Ametlla de Mar
Swim with giant tunas

Swimming among bluefin tunas is an experience not easily forgotten. With the Tuna Tour company, you can experience this fantastic experience with your family. The boats leave from the port of l’Ametlla de mar to the natural pools that are within 5 km. During the trip, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Delta del Ebro and an explanatory video on bluefin tuna and its marketing processing. Once in the pool, dive into the sea to swim between these large animals.


Delta del Ebro lighthouse
Explore the Delta del Ebro

You cannot go away from l’Ametlla de mar without visiting Parque Natural del Delta del Ebro considered as the largest wetland in Catalonia and one of the most important aquatic habitats in Europe. We can enjoy its fauna and flora, take a bath on the beaches of large sand dunes, cross the river bed in traditional boats, stroll through the lengthy rice fields and also explore the many villages that dotes this region where  clean air is still breathed.


gr 92 ametlla de mar
Walk the Gr-92 trails

One of the main highlights of l’Ametlla de Mar, if you like nature and hiking, is “la ruta del GR-92 Sendero del Mediterráneo” passing through this population. With a distance of 9 km and 2 hours, the route runs parallel to the coast along beautiful landscapes, beaches and coves of great beauty surrounded by exuberant nature. A simple pathway located by the sea, crossing beaches, cliffs, coves and towns from l’Ametlla de Mar to l’Almadrava. This is one of those activities that never disappoints, and with  minimal effort, you’ll enjoy the most.


sant jordi d'alfama castle
The archaeological route

If what you are passionate about is the nature and history, then you cannot miss the archaeological route. With a distance of 2.5 km and a duration of about 1 hour, you will walk roads and trails from l’Ametlla de Mar to Sant Jordi d’Alfama. During the tour, you will circulate  sections of the Via Augusta of the Roman Imperial period until the military fort of San Jordi d’Alfama which was created in the eighteenth century.


Calafato beach cristaline waters

Discover the coves from the sea

L’Ametlla de Mar has more than 14 km of privileged coastline dotted with paradisiacal beaches and coves of crystalline waters. There is no better way to explore its beautiful coastline than aboard a sailboat, or any other boat and discover its 20 secluded coves and swim in the transparent water filled with goldfishes . There are several companies that rent boats with or without skippers at the port. Surely, either by boat, sailboat or kayak, if you have the opportunity to do it, it is one of the great things to do in Ametlla de Mar, since there are not many places with such  pristine and beautiful coasts as this.


Huge Dragon Khan in PortAventura
Feel the adrenaline in PortAventura

You cannot miss the visit to PortAventura that undoubtedly will delight the whole family. At Just 30 minutes’ drive from l’Ametlla de Mar, we will find one of the best theme parks in Europe. A park divided into 5 themed zones, Far West, Mediterranean, Polynesia, Mexico and China where you will enjoy roller coasters, great attractions, children’s areas and wonderful shows; in every corner you will spend an unforgettable day.


Experience the intensity of the fish market

L’Ametlla de Mar has always been an important port and has a large fishing fleet. Every day about 16: 00h arriving in port are fishing boats loaded with the day’s catch to take them to the fish market and there, they will be auctioned. Observing this in first person and enjoying the intensity with which they live the fish auction is a unique experience and one of things to do in Ametlla de Mar to learn more about its people. The fish market is open all year except for the months of May and June that boats do not go out to sea in respect of the ban.


submarinismo en ametlla de mara del sol
Explore the seabed

One of the biggest attractions of this town is its beaches and seabeds. Being a little urbanized area without large urban centers nearby, the sea and forests of Posidonia have benefited by this fact, and you can still enjoy incredibly crystal clear waters and an exceptional underwater flora and fauna. There are many tour companies where you can enjoy the “bautizo” if you are not a professional diver, and if you are experienced, you can make exciting outings discovering sunken wrecks and sea caves. If yours are the underwater activities, then be sure that this will be one of your highlights activity in l’Ametlla de Mar.