Cadiz city, located on the Costa de la Luz, is one of the oldest cities in Europe. It’s located in the southernmost part of Spain, and it has a very peculiar settlement, besides a sunny climate and a cheerful character. Its white houses, tangled streets, famous carnival and kilometers of beaches give Cadiz a special grace that haunts all its visitors.


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What to see in Cadiz City

Fishing is a popular activity on the entire Cadiz coast, so during your trip, do not miss visiting the port and the market to enjoy its great tradition and all the flavor of the region. Along Cádiz there are all kinds of beaches, many of them almost unspoiled.

For example, the one in Bolonia or those in Tarifa. Within the city of Cadiz is also one of the best beaches in Europe, Victoria Beach.

For those who want to take a cultural tour, Cadiz preserves its old neighborhoods, each with its own personality: the fishing district of La Viña, the old medieval village of El Pópulo or the neighborhood of Santa María, known for its flamenco scene, are some from them. In the historical center are also essential visits to the Cathedral in baroque and neoclassical style or the Monument of the Constitution.


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What to eat and drink in Cadiz City

The city of Cádiz is known for the quality of its fresh fish, which has a very special relevance in its gastronomy. This is shown by dishes such as pescadilla en sobreusa, las tortillitas de camarones or el cazón en adobo, although undoubtedly the most popular of all is the juicy pescaíto frito (fried fish). Its great culinary tradition is also found in dishes as delicious as gazpachos, papas aliñás, piriñacas, alcauciles con chícharos or el pollo a la canilla. In Cadiz there are restaurants and bars of all kinds to enjoy both tapas and traditional cuisine as well as international flavors.


Between Europe and Africa, Cadiz is a city bathed by the Atlantic that enjoys a privileged location. Its beaches, coves, inlets and sandbanks are a natural oasis that remains almost intact. The mountain and the sea are a tandem in these lands where highlights the rocky massifs next to beaches. In the city of Cádiz you will discover its cultural charm, since it preserves all its historical legacy.


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What to do with children in Cadiz City

Cadiz is an excellent destination for families and children. The fine sandy beaches are the favorite place for children, and especially the beautiful urban beach of La Caleta where you can take a boat trip on the bay. In addition, you can see the dolphins and whales.

Apart from the beaches, in Cadiz there are several interesting museums for children, such as El Títere, the Archaeological or the Cortes in which you will enter the past of a city full of history and mystery. For the more restless there are numerous walking or cycling routes through the natural sites that surround the city, as well as balloon and helicopter flights.

The town of Gadir, as it was known in the past, conseves Roman and Phoenician archaeological sites that preserve its past full of splendor.


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How to get to Cadiz City

Cadiz is practically an island, because it is surrounded by the sea on all of its sides, except for the road of San Fernando that connects it with the city. It can be reached by air, land and sea. By air, the closest airports to Cadiz are Jerez de la Frontera, Seville and Malaga. By land, you can get there by car or bus via the N-340 or the A-4 and A-7 motorways. If you arrive by train, the Cádiz station is in the Plaza de Sevilla. If you arrive by sea, it can be done through the main ports of the province of Cadiz.

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