Cullera is a municipality of the province of Valencia, located in the region of the Ribera Baja, on the banks of the Júcar River next to the Mediterranean Sea, 30 kilometers from the capital of Valencia. It has a population of 22,461 inhabitants that grows exponentially during the summer months thanks to its surroundings and its cultural, leisure and accommodation offer.

The climate of Cullera is Mediterranean and dry, with annual temperatures over 17 degrees. It is a municipality with a great agriculture tradition in the cultivation of fruits and rice paddies.


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What to do and see in Cullera

Castillo de Cullera is located at the top of a mountain from which can be seen the whole town and the sea. There still remain some towers from that era. Next to the Castle is Santuario de la Virgen del Castillo, a temple of the nineteenth century in Neo-Byzantine style. Torre de la Reina Mora, or Torre de Santa Ana, is of Muslim origin and is the fortified gate of Castillo de Cullera. It was built in the 13th century. Torre del Marenyet is a circular and massive watch tower that overlooked the banks of the river Júcar. It was built in the 16th century. Museo de Historia y Arqueología de Cullera holds a collection found in 1.955 thanks to the excavations done to build this monument

La Cueva de Dragut recreates the invasions of the Berbers in Cullera. Locals say the pirate Dragut was here.


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What to eat and drink in Cullera

Apart from booking a quality rental apartment in Cullera, tourists love to go to restaurants to try the typical food of this municipality. Cullera cuisine is based, among other ingredients, on rice and paella. We can taste dry, sour, mellow, fish, meat, vegetables and seafood paellas. Other star dishes of the Valencian gastronomy of Cullera are the All i pebre made with potatoes, eels, garlic and hot pepper; The espardenyá cooked with potatoes, eel, rabbit or eggs; The suquet de peix and the zarzuela. Pastries include coca de limonada, los pasteles de boniato and la Torta Cristina, among others. Agua de Valencia is the drink par excellence.


The economy of Cullera is traditionally based on culture and fishing. The tourist boom came in the 60s, which led to an improvement on the construction sector aimed at improving tourism.

Regarding festivities, Cullera has a great tradition. On January 17 are held Fiestas de San Antonio Abad, between March 16 and 19 are the Fallas, after Holy Week are celebrated Fiestas Patronales en Honor a la Virgen del Castillo de Cullera, the second fortnight is celebrated Feria de la Cerveza and Día de la Comunidad Valenciana on October 9.


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What to do with children in Cullera

Cullera is a great tourist destination for families with children due to its coastal situation. It holds 11 beaches such as playa Dosel, Playa Faro, playa de Los Olivos and playa San Antonio. The latter has been awarded the Q of Spanish Tourist Quality. Six of them have an environmental and management system of quality, and are internationally certified due to their quality, cleanliness and services.

You can also take your children to the Ecotourism Routes of the area as La Montaña de los Zorros, a natural area with archaeological sites, vegetation and water springs. You can also visit El Marjal y los Arrozales, la Laguna del Estany, el Río Júcar or el Camino del Cid which forms part of the so-called Anillo de la Taifa de Valencia. In laguna del Estany you can observe a great biological diversity of vegetal and animal species.


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How to get to Cullera

Once you get into the car on the way to Cullera, you will immediately think about your rental accommodation, holidays and the beach. Let's not waste any more time and start the journey. If you leave from Madrid, the most advisable option is to take the A-3 or the A-40.

From Andalusia, you will arrive to Cullera from the A-4 or the A-3. You can also take the A-43 at connect it later with the A-3. From the Basque Country, we can take the AP-68 and connect it with the A-23 or the AP-7. Another option is to go by the A-1 and the A-3.

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