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Porque sabemos que te apasiona viajar, en Tripkay hemos seleccionado los mejores apartamentos en Isla Canela para que puedas disfrutar de unas vacaciones de cine con la familia, en pareja o con amigos. Te lo ponemos muy fácil para que puedas encontrar y alquilar tu apartamento vacacional de una manera rápida y sencilla.

Consulta la descripción detalla de cada uno de nuestros apartamentos en Isla Canela y echa un vistazo a las valoraciones y comentarios de otros huéspedes. Estamos totalmente seguros de que podrás encontrar una alternativa que responda a todas tus necesidades y preferencias.

El alquiler de apartamentos en Isla Canela te permite disfrutar de las vacaciones a tu aire, sin horarios preestablecidos y con más espacio para todos. Según el presupuesto y gustos, es posible encontrar distintos tipos de alojamientos turísticos, con especial destaque a los apartamentos de alquiler cerca de la playa, en urbanizaciones o complejos turísticos y con piscina comunitaria.

Asimismo, nuestros apartamentos en Isla Canela, Huelva, son muy elegantes, amueblados con mucho gusto y totalmente equipados con todo lo necesario para unos días de descanso cómodos y totalmente independientes: cocina, congelador, microondas, lavadora, cafetera, tostadora, exprimidor, menaje de cocina, etc.

Una gran parte de los edificios de nuestros apartamentos en Isla Canela cuenta con zona infantil, jardín, parking, pista de pádel y de tenis o área de barbacoa. Si todavía deseas más comodidad, puedes buscar por alojamientos vacaciones con jacuzzi o solicitar algunos de los servicios opcionales como traslado al aeropuerto, pack infantil (cuna, trona y silla de paseo), toallas de playa, etc.


Isla Canela is a neighborhood in the municipality of Ayamonte in the province of Huelva (Andalucía). It has a population of 300 inhabitants. It is separated from the town of Ayamonte by a 300 meter wide stretch of sea and bounded by the Spanish bank of the Guadiana river.

The first settlements in this area date back to long before 1810. During the War of Independence against NapoLeón, members of the Board of Seville in Cádiz enacted the Constitution of 1812, known under the name of La Pepa.


Holiday rental apartments in Isla Canela

What to see and do in Isla Canela

One of the main attractions of Isla Canela for tourists who decide to rent an apartment in this neighborhood are its beaches. Isla Canela has two beaches: one that receives the same name as the district, Isla Canela and Punta del Moral. This last beach is a fishing neighborhood that has become a big tourist complex. It is located southeast of Ayamonte, 6 kilometers from the border of the urban town.


Isla Canela on the other hand, has a funerary monument from Roman times called Mausoleo Tardorromano de la Barriada de Campo de Canela. It is a pantheon or family grave. It was found in 1981 as a result of construction work. It was hidden by a dune. Torre de Isla Canela is a building with defense purposes. It is a circular tower of the Middle Ages that was used as a defense of the territory. It has only one entrance and has wooden Scalar to the top of it where there is small defensive construction. In the area there is more than one tower.

Rental apartments in Isla Canela

What to eat and drink in Isla Canela

Isla Canela gastronomy is characterized by fish and seafood. One of the star dishes are the prawns of Sanlúcar de Barrameda followed by the bream, flounder, tuna, sea bass, stripe, urtas, etc. Tourists also tend to try the monkfish with potatoes, mackerel with noodles or salted and spiced tuna. In this area it’s also common to eat rice with seafood. In regards to the desserts, in Isla Canela the most common are cocas, dishes with honey and almonds, mantecados and alfajores. For the summer holidays, you usually opt for chilly drinks such as soft drinks, beer or wine.



Today, the main source of income is fishing as well as the sale of seafood and shellfish. To further promote tourism in the area, the neighborhood has kept the marine and family atmosphere that characterizes it.

Isla Canela holds every July 16 the procession in honor of the Virgen del Carmen, which they carry on their shoulders themselves and then walk with it to the sea. Thousands of tourists have already witnessed this emotional moment for the people after renting their property during summer.


Vacation rental apartments in Isla Canela

What to do with children in Isla Canela

The immediate priority of the smallest of the house upon arrival at the rental is to get your swimsuit and go running to the pool or beach. These are their favorite places during the holidays. They are eager to take a dip and start playing with water. Of course, they tend to require the attention and support of adults. In these cases, you can play with them with the ball, the shovels, look for shells, do snorkeling or use the different playgrounds manufactured exclusively for the beach or pool. Also, children will have fun with the mats.


You can also make boat trips around Isla Canela or watch cruise regattas. Children love these adventurous plans. When night begins to fall, you can take a stroll along the promenade while children get an ice cream or go to the mall. You can also go shopping while the children have fun at the many attractions made for them. Isla Canela also has a golf course, so it is a good opportunity to practice a new sport with your family.

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How to get to Isla Canela

The rental is waiting for the arrival of new tourists throughout the year. It is the first stop on this coastal paradise of Cádiz. You can reach Isla Canela from different parts of Spain and various routes as discussed below.

Starting from Madrid, you can take the A-5 to link later with the A-66. Another option is to go directly to Isla Canela on the A-5 or the A-4, although these are somewhat longer routes.
From Salamanca there are three routes available. One is to take the A-66 and continue on this road to your destination, with the possibility of finding tolls. Other options are to take at first the A-66 but then divert to the A-49 or EX100.


From Valencia, the most feasible option is going to Isla Canela on the A-4, although it is also possible to go on the A-7 and A-92 and the N-430.

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