Llucmajor, located in the Comarca de Migjorn and with an area of 327 km2, is the largest municipality on the island of Mallorca, located in a privileged place in the Bay of Palma. It borders with Algaida, Montuïri, Porreres, Campos and Palma de Mallorca, and its 47 kilometers of coastline include a lot of beautiful beaches, quiet coves and stunning rugged landscapes. This population is made up of several towns, among which we highlight Llucmajor Vila as the historical and commercial center.


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What to do and see in Llucmajor

The more than forty kilometers of coastline of Llucmajor offers a variety of beaches, ranging from the most tourist and equipped, perfect for the whole family, to the most rugged and secluded ones, ideal if you want a perfect spot to relax, fish or even dive. Noteworthy among the first are la playa de s'Arenal.

If, instead, you prefer tranquility, one of your options is Caló Fort, a small cove of rocks and clear waters of twenty meters long by five meters wide in which fishing is permitted.

We recommend visiting the Conjunto Prehistórico Talayótico de Capocorb Vell. It is located south of the town and is the best known spot of the Bronze Age on the island. To continue with your cultural visit, go to the convent, the cloister and the church of San Bonaventura, of Renaissance style, and finish the journey with a visit to Santuario de la Mare de Déu de Gràcia.


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What to eat and drink in Llucmajor

As is evident in a population of the Mediterranean coast, you will be able to enjoy excellent dishes prepared with fresh fish and seafood, some of them very typical, like the Mero a la Mallorquina. Other delicious options are the Trempó, a salad made with tomato, green pepper and onion cut into very small pieces and sprinkled with olive oil and salt, or also the Tombet, a dish prepared with fine cuts of potato, eggplant, and fried peppers, topped with tomato sauce. All this served with a good bottle of wine will be a perfect complement for your trip.

As for pastries, you cannot finish your holiday on the island of Mallorca without going to one of the artisan bakeries in the municipality to enjoy the most representative pastry of the island: the ensaimada. You can choose between plain pasta, or stuffed varieties of angel hair or cream.





The town is historically known for the Battle of Llucmajor, fought on 25 October 1349. This famous battle pitted the troops of James III of Majorca and Pedro IV of Aragon, being the latter victorious and thus securing the annexation of the kingdom of Mallorca to the Crown of Aragon. The economy of Llucmajor is based on the services sector, thanks to the urban expansion of the coastline population, especially in the heart of El Arenal, where there are large areas of rental apartments.


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What to do with children in Llucmajor

If you show photos of the place where you have rented your holiday apartment to your children, they will be more than excited to go. Llucmajor offers a large number of shallow water beaches which are perfect for them, as the beach of s'Arenal and Cala Blava, both urbanized, or Cala Pi, a quieter option.

Moreover, you know that children never resist the idea of cycling, and Llucmajor, with 400 kilometers of routes, has the most extensive cycling network of Mallorca. There you and your children will enjoy the wonderful views of the Mediterranean Sea and the nearby archipelago of Cabrera.

And you cannot forget the great beauty of the landscape of this town, so another of your options is hiking, especially in some of the routes through its coastline where you can observe the most secluded coves from its spectacular rugged scenery.


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How to get to Llucmajor

Another advantage of having decided to rent your apartment in the town of Llucmajor is its proximity to Palma de Mallorca, which implies that once you get to the island, either by boat or plane, you will be very close to your destiny. Still, as is evident, you must know the options you have to move from Palma to Llucmajor.

One of your options is to make use of public transport. If this is the choice, go to the Estación Intermodal and once there, get on the bus 491. In just over half an hour and without any intermediate stop, you will be in Llucmajor.

If you prefer to use a vehicle to have a relaxed trip with all our luggage until you reach door of your rental apartment, take the Ma-19 and continue until you reach Exit 22, about twenty minutes later, which is what it will take you to reach your destination.

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