Manacor is a city and municipality of the island of Mallorca, in the Balearic Islands. It has an area of 260 km² and a population of 40,264 inhabitants, amount that increases during the summer holidays thanks to the influx of tourists who book rental accommodation. Manacor is the third municipality of the island of Mallorca and the second in terms of surface area. Manacor has a Mediterranean climate, that is to say, mild and smooth. The mountainous and inland areas are drier and somewhat humid while the coast is semi-arid. The average annual temperature is around 17 degrees.


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What to see in Manacor

Iglesia Nuestra Senyora dels Dolors is a large neo-Gothic style temple from the 19th century. It is the tallest building in Mallorca. The church is formed by a central nave and a set of chapels.

Antiguo Palacio Real was the residence of King Jaime and today is occupied by the already popular bar Sa Torre del Palau where visitors can enjoy a coffee in a medieval atmosphere of the thirteenth century. From the original structure, Torre del Homenaje is preserved.

Torre de Ses Puntes was built between the 13th and 16th centuries. This building has an exhibition hall, although its original function was to spot the signals that sent the watchtowers to control the possible invasions. Plaza de Ramón Llul is located in the old market of cattle, vegetables and wool, among other products. And Plaza de Sant Jaume houses Fuente de los Cuatro Peces. La Torre dels Enagistes is an old defense tower from the 16th century. Next to it is Museo Histórico de Manacor, which displays old objects of the city, like ceramics, mosaics or sailing utensils.


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What to eat and drink in Manacor

The gastronomy of the Balearic Islands influences the Valencian and Catalan cuisine, which is the reason why its star ingredients are fish, meat and vegetables. As for Manacor, the most typical dishes are sospiros, la sobrasada mallorquina, el arroz brut, la sopa, el tumbet, el fri variat, la porcella or greixonera dels darres dies, among other dishes. Regarding desserts you can try pastel de pobre y la ensaimada.. As for drinks, in Manacor there are several wineries, making it the drink par excellence of the area.


Talking about popular culture, Manacor is rooted in traditions due to the great effort of the locals to preserve them. An example of this is los Moretons, which is a dance that was created in 1855 with religious aims. Dancers dress in yellow and red, as well as a crescent turban and wooden clubs that are placed on the hands, knees and abdomen to make them sound to the rhythm of the music. On the other hand, there are the Cossiers, as well as Fiesta de Sant Antoni, which is celebrated on the eve of January 17 with the burning of bonfires in the streets of Manacor.


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Things to do in Manacor

Manacor is a tourist destination due, among other things, to its coast. This Mallorcan municipality houses a large number of beaches with calm waters and fine sand, as well as coves of great beauty. Children will have a great time immersing themselves in the sea to take a dip while looking for shells or playing with other children and/or relatives. Some of the coastal areas are: Asa d’es Setrí, Portocristo, S’Estanu d’en Mas, S’Illot, cala Mendia, cala Morlanda, cala Murta and cala Petita.

We recommend you take your children to Cuevas del Drach, caves that house one of the largest underground lakes in the world. In addition, music concerts are offered, so it is a great occasion to visit it in the afternoon while the music played softens the evening until it is time to return to your cozy rental apartment.

Manacor also has a tennis club. It was managed for many years by the coach and uncle of Rafa Nadal, Toni Nadal. Therefore, it is common to see this famous tennis player training in the club, so you can take photos with him.


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How to get to Manacor

As we have already mentioned, Manacor is in the Balearic Islands, so it is not possible to reach your rental accommodation by car. In this case, you must take a plane from the nearest airport or from the Mediterranean coast. Another option is to arrive to Manacor by boat, which you can aboard in one of the ports of the Mediterranean or the Atlantic. Boats allow you to take your car aboard. The estimated time of travel will be determined by the distance to travel and by the chosen means of transport.

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