Manilva is a municipality of the province of Malaga, in Andalusia, that borders with Casares and Cádiz. It is composed of three main nuclei: the one bearing its own name, Manilva, the coastal town of San Luis de Sabinillas and the fishermen's neighborhood of Castillo de la Duquesa. The area of this whole municipality is overlooked by Pico de los Reales, which has a height of 1,452 meters and from which you can see the whole Manilva with a great panoramic view.


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What to see and do in Manilva

Castillo de la Duquesa was built on a site occupied by an ancient Roman villa, formed by thermal baths, a necropolis and a salting area. Nowadays, from the top of the Castle you can see elements and materials from that era and construction. Castillo de la Duquesa is located 100 meters above the beach, offering a great view of the coast of Manilva. Formerly, this spot served as a place of espionage and defense during the reign of Carlos III. With more than three centuries of history, this monument is one of the main cultural attractions of the Western Costa del Sol for tourists staying in rental apartments.

Plaza Miramar is located in the center of the population nucleus called Castillo de la Duquesa. It is a rectangular square adorned with flowers and palm trees, around which have been placed seats for visitors to admire this sculpture built in honor to the protector of the sailors. It has the shape of a mermaid.

Iglesia Stella Maris was built in honor to Virgen del Carmen, protector of sailors and fishermen. It was built between 1920 and 1930 and it is a Catholic Christian temple considered Bien de Interés Cultural. It is comprised of a base body that houses the choir, offices, cells, the cloister and the church.

Plaza Romance de la Luna is a corner of Manilva dedicated to Federico García Lorca.


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What to eat and drink in Manilva

The cuisine of Manilva is based on the Mediterranean diet, with typical sea and land products. Among its star dishes we find gazpachuelo, sardinitas, el cocido, coles, carne en adobo, sopa de pescado, fritura malagueña or tortilla de balacao and many others. Of course, most dishes include olive oil, onion, pepper, garlic and bread. As for drinks, the wines of Manilva are the best option to accompany the food due to the special taste of its muscatel grape.


In the landscape predominate small hills, which are separated by streams and valleys with a great limestone depression. As for the coast, Manilva has a coastal line of 7.8 kilometers formed by rocky beaches of fine sand. Manilva has an approximate population of 15,000 inhabitants, which reaches up to 50,000 people during the summer holidays, especially in the months of July and August where rental accommodation is fully occupied.


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What to do with children in Manilva

One of the most recommended activities to do with children during the summer holidays in Manilva is to stroll along its promenade. It is an ideal place to walk through the coast of Manilva with the sunset before your eyes. In addition, children will enjoy seeing the fishing boats that are located in this area and the artists building sand figures. Children will amuse themselves with the sand figures of the Simpsons, Snowball, Santa's Helper, SpongeBob, etc. They can even see how these artists start building the figures from scratch.

In the morning, children will have a great time in the pool of your rental accommodation or at the beach. There they can bathe, play ball with other children, or with shovels, new toys, buckets of water or water balloons, etc. In addition, families can rent boats to enter the sea and enjoy the marine ecosystem under their feet. You can also go scuba diving with a group of professionals.

Another activity that the little ones enjoy in Manilva is horse riding. This municipality holds the equestrian center El Galope Las Sabinillas, intended for both children and adults. Here you can spend an unforgettable family time.

In addition to rural tourism in Manilva, tourists also dedicate time to rest and enjoy the beaches of the municipality, which are Playa de Punta Chullera, Playa de La Duquesa, Playa de Sabinillas, Playa de El Castillo and Playa de los Toros.


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How to get to Manilva

If you already have everything prepared (suitcase and the booking of your rental accommodation), it's time to head to Manilva to enjoy a perfect holiday. The south of Spain is connected with many roads, so if your starting point is Madrid you can take three alternatives. One of them is to drive only through the A-4, or you can link this road with the A-5 or reach the A-4 through the N-420.

From Badajoz, the fastest route is by the A-66 due to the tolls, but you can also choose road N-432. From Valencia, there are three possibilities: the A-7, the A-3 and the A-92.

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