Punta del Moral is a municipal district in the municipality of Ayamonte, in Huelva (Andalucía). It is located specifically in Isla Canela and connected to the mainland by a bridge 300 meters long. It is, on the other hand, six kilometers overland from Ayamonte counting from the edge of the historic center of this Andalucían city. This is a fishing neighborhood of great tourist interest that has a wide variety of rental accommodations and recreational and entertainment areas to satisfy the needs and demands of tourists.


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What to do and see in Punta del Moral

This village of Huelva has an impressive beach: Punta del Moral. It is one of the most visited tourist areas, especially since the construction of new rental apartments and entertainment areas. It covers an area of ​​one-kilometer-long and 60 meters wide. It offers a fine golden sand beach along with calm waters with a moderate swell.

The natural environment of this beach is very beautiful, surrounded by dunes. This beach is immersed in the estuary of the Carreras River within the Natural Park of the Marshes of Isla Cristina, perfect for families with children or groups of friends seeking the peace and quiet of rental accommodation and beaches.

Another one of the great passions of tourists coming to the area for vacation is to go to the restaurants located in Punta del Moral. At the beach we found a few, that besides offering exquisite cuisine you can enjoy the sea breeze .


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What to eat and drink at Punta del Moral

Fish and seafood are typical in the cuisine of Punta del Moral. They are the most used ingredients in the area, with which very different dishes are cooked with the aim to surprise customers, whether local people or tourists. Such is the appeal of the local cuisine that restaurants are crowded during the holiday months. The arroz con paella is a popular dish here, especially in summer, when tourists come here after they find their rental accommodation. Another popular dish here is the arroz de carabineros. As for desserts, they tend to be home made, so each restaurant prepares their own.


The first traces of the existence of this fishing neighborhood date back to around 1755 when the Catalans and Valencians immigrants founded the city of Isla Cristina, neighbor of Punta del Moral. Formerly, this town was practically isolated from Ayamonte due to the very poor road communications, so its inhabitants created a very familiar and autarkic union. This feeling of unity and kinship endures today among the population, making this neighborhood a key point for relations between neighboring municipalities.


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What to do with children in Punta del Moral

Practically, Punta del Moral offers water activities since its main attraction is the sea. In this sense, families with children have the option to rent boats in order to learn more about the seabed. It is also possible to take a boat ride with a professional so that all family members can enjoy this activity safely. It is also very common that tourists sail with their children, always in total safety conditions. Even some teach the children how to Surf or do other water sports. You can also go diving.

It’s common to see the beach filled with children playing with balls, rackets, sand buckets, shovels, dolls, kites, etc. In Punta de Moral families like to enjoy their leisure time together during their holidays. Also, you can rent bikes and go for a walk around the area while you discover its hidden corners.

Many people flock to the beach to play volleyball or other sports with a group of friends, take a walk along the sea port or to watch the sunrise or sunset in this coastal paradise.


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How to get to Punta del Moral

It’s holiday time and the only thing you want is lying on the beach. Having a great time is only possible if you know how to get to Punta del Moral and e have already booked your rental accommodation.

To get here, let's put Madrid as a reference spot because it is a central point where many roads come together from various parts of Spain. In this case, the fastest road, including tolls, is to take the A-55 and link it with the A-66. You can also go directly by the A-4 or switch later to the A-49.

From León, we can take the A-66 from the starting point to the point of arrival or switch to the IC27 in case you want to make a stop in Portugal. Another option is to take the A-23.

From Murcia, the most recommended route is driving through the A-92, but you can also take the A-4 and A-49. In a few hours you will be in Punta del Moral.


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